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What We Did in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Strolled through Nyhavn
  • Visited a “land with no laws” called Freetown Christiana
  • Rented a boat to go through the canals of Copenhagen
  • Embraced my inner child and visited one of the oldest amusement parks in the world, Tivoli Gardens
  • Polar plunged into the Baltic Sea

Report Card

Beauty A+

The main reasons Copenhagen felt so beautiful was because everything was so clean, the people were all kind, welcoming, courteous, and the weather was gorgeous.   The funny thing about Copenhagen is that it doesn’t necessarily feel like a historic old town like Madrid and Paris. When people think of Europe they think of areas with rich and beautiful history, but Copenhagen has an antique feel with a modern flair. I am not saying Copenhagen doesn’t have history, but it didn’t feel as old as other places. The architecture was beautiful because it truly mixed the two principles of old and new.

Nyhavn is the strip of Copenhagen that you have all probably seen. A waterfront street lined with colorful buildings and it was truly one of the most beautiful streets I have ever seen. Copenhagen also has Tivoli Gardens, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. If you have ever been to Epcot, Tivoli sort of resembles Epcot. Tivoli is obviously older, but it featured different areas of the parks that took inspiration from other countries, similar to Epcot. 

Another feature of Copenhagen that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Baltic Sea running through the city. There weren’t as many canal areas as Venice or Amsterdam, but it was still incredibly beautiful to go to all the public waterfronts and stare in awe. Danish people are some of the happiest people in the world and you will meet some that claim the secret to happiness is jumping into the Baltic and shocking your body and getting endorphins running. So if you listen to anything I say in this post, make it be this: jump in the Baltic!! It may be absolutely freezing, but do it!

Transportation A+

Copenhagen transportation deserves a million gold stars. If you have been following my recent Europe posts, you probably recall that the majority of my transportation in Europe was public transportation. Copenhagen wasn’t excused from that trend. To get in and around Copenhagen, we traveled on their metro. Their metro was the simplest, cleanest, best public transportation that I have ever been. It was never crowded, it took only 10 minutes to get into the city from the airport, and it was literally spotless. 

Although we traveled mainly by foot and metro, bike riding is a major form of transportation in Copenhagen. The people in the city strongly encourage biking and hundreds upon thousands of people do it everyday. I never biked anywhere, but if you visit and want to bike, just make sure you follow all the rules listed here and be respectful of everyone else on the road and bike paths.

Accommodations A+

For our accommodations in Copenhagen, I chose a hotel/hostel hybrid that was located near the central station called Urban House Copenhagen. We had a private room and the whole place looked more like a hotel. 

Urban House had a laundry room, a bar, a game room, a communal kitchen, and so much more. The workers were incredibly kind and the bar area had events and happy hours every night. As for the rooms, the beds were extremely comfortable and the bathroom floors were heated due to cold temps most of the year. If you are interested in staying at Urban House, click here.

Affordability A-

As you can see, this is the only non-A + I gave Copenhagen. The most important thing to note about Copenhagen is that it is a very expensive city. I will not deny that! However, when I was researching Copenhagen, many people discussed how expensive it was, so I was never shocked. It is important to fully research places you visit so you aren’t surprised. 

Public transportation passes were affordable, but the lodging was more than we normally paid in the rest of Europe, and food was also more than we were used to. “Cheap” meals in Copenhagen were about $20 and for lodging we paid about $150 a night. However, attractions like Tivoli Gardens and GoBoat were pretty on par with what we paid in other countries for similar activities. 

Overall A+++

Overall, Copenhagen is one of my favorite places in the whole world. The cold weather, amazing people, and peaceful nature of the city makes me want to stay there forever. I felt a connection with this city that I didn’t feel anywhere else and I truly hope everyone gets to experience that feeling at some point. 


Want more information? Feel free to message me on any media form and I would be happy to discuss! Continue reading down below for some honest answers to questions from the people I was traveling with!


Ari: Renting a GoBoat with Caitlin and all her friends!

Corey: “My favorite memory was having pizza on the rooftop of Caitlin’s apartment. We were with a bunch of her friends she met in Copenhagen and there was a gorgeous sunset to accompany dinner.” 

Caitlin: “Riding the boat with you guys and showing you the beautiful canals, it was so peaceful and it was so fun to introduce my Danish friends to my American friends”

Ari: Their hotdogs! Sounds weird, but they are so good.

Corey: “Salmon Smørrebrød” 

Caitlin: “Fish and chips, I ate it pretty much every meal out.”

Ari: Walking around Nyhavn or jumping into the Baltic!

Corey: “Jumping into the freezing Baltic Sea.”

Caitlin: “Visiting the castle with my school friends because we got to the northern most point of Copenhagen with a beautiful view of Sweden and got to see Queen Margaret arrival in her carriage which was a really cool experience OR climbing the spiral tower with my roommates because the view was BREATHTAKING and it was the last thing I did so it was insane to see the entire space of all the places I had traveled during my stay”

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