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Ranking European Mcdonald's

1. Madrid, Spain

We have Madrid that topped the charts. The Mcdonalds in Spain were amazing because they had similar menus to USA Mcdonalds, but the food just tasted so much better for some reason. I had a chicken sandwich and it was better than any chicken sandwich I have had. I don’t know what their secret recipe is… but I want them to tell me ASAP. They also have a buffalo sauce that truly just tastes like vodka pasta sauce, so it was amazing to dip the chicken and fries in! Also, the major positives for this one is that you can get beer AND they have full counters of baked goods.

2. Paris, France

This Mcdonalds was also mind blowing. It is very close in ranking to Madrid, maybe even tied. The best part about this one is that it still has snack wraps! The US Mcdonalds discontinued those a long time ago, so seeing them on the menu in Paris was quite an exciting time.Since these were my all time favorite thing on the menu I ordered one honey mustard chicken and the chevre wrap (veggies and fried goat cheese) and it was definitely the best fast food item I have ever had. Like Madrid you could also order a beer here and they had many bakery items. Overall, while this is a Mcdonald’s, the food felt very fresh and light.

3. Portugal

The Mcdonalds I had in Portugal was interesting. It was different and I didn't love what I got, but they get bonus points because I tried something unique. I had a mango chutney chicken sandwich on an everything bun. I wasn't a big fan of the mango on it, but like I said I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try something that sounded interesting.

4. Florence, Italy

Even though I ranked this Mcdonalds last, I have no hard feelings. I went for breakfast before leaving Italy and I had just a regular sausage egg biscuit and it tasted the same as it would back home. The Mcdonalds was near the central train station, so it probably was more Americanized; however, they had a full bakery section and a coffee bar where you could get cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, etc.

Overall, the Mcdonalds in Europe were 100x better than in the US and while I know a lot of people who are traveling to different countries try to avoid eating food they can find in their home country, I do think it is fun to explore the differences! After all, Mcdonalds is a part of American culture, so it’s nice to check them all out.

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