Every person, family, and group that travels will have different travel rules that are non-negotiable. These are rules or guidelines that either make you happier, make the trip go smoother, or help ease trip tension. 

As someone who travels very frequently, my list of non-negotiables is truly…. non-negotiable.

I always have a snack bag with me in a suitcase, a snack bin with me in the car, and a protein bar in my purse when I am on the move. It has saved me a lot of money and kept me out of a lot of hangry arguments.

This is not something that is super important, but one thing I always do is bring a hanging cosmetic bag. It’s super convenient in small hotel bathrooms and there are so many cute ones out on the market. As for luggage, I personally always feel more put together when I have cute luggage and I am currently working on buying different pieces from Beis to have all matching travel bags.

Using these platforms for travel inspiration always helps me find aesthetic, unique, and hidden gems. On those platforms, I use the search engine and type “things to do in _” or “_ hidden gems” and those always help me find worthwhile suggestions. 

When I travel, I always make sure at least one person has access to my location. When I travel abroad, I always send someone my hotel info and a detailed itinerary. Safety first!

Most trips I go on these days are very short and I jampack them with things to see and do. In order to keep me at my happiest and not to feel burnt out, I always give myself time to sit down, take a nap, workout, or do something to help me decompress. Traveling can be hard on the immune and nervous system, so giving myself grace helps me be able to sustain a lot of travel and a normal busy life.

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