Happy Holidays! Are you looking for gifts for any travelers in your life? Look no further, I have compiled a list of my personal favorite travel items/accessories.

Beis Bags & Luggage: cute, trendy, & dependable. From suitcases, to personal items, to diaper bags – you can find a bag that fits every need!

Hydroflask Coffee Mug: this is for my friends who can’t go a day without coffee/tea. This keeps your drink warm for hours making it the perfect cup to take with you on a long day of adventure.

Packing Cubes: I will be honest, packing cubes aren’t my favorite, but many people I know swear by them and don’t take a single trip without them in their bags.

Stylish/Comfy Walking Shoes: this gift will be personalized to each person, but some of my favorite shoes for traveling are Hoka’s, New Balance 574’s, and Reef slip-on sandals.
Personalized Luggage Tags: these make it easy to spot your suitcase/luggage and it is a great reminder of home when your traveler is out living their life!
Belt Bag: they are truly all the rage; however, they prove to be a very practical item that can easily be made to look like an accessory to any outfit.
Scratch Off Poster: depending what your traveler is into, Etsy stores have a variety of posters to show off all their travels. You can find National Park Checklists, 50 States Checklists, Country Checklists, etc.
Travel Journal: this could be a specific journal tailored to travels, or it can be a cute journal that can be used multi-purposely
Apple Airtags: they are a great gift idea for the international travelers or people who tend to fly with multiple layovers. By sticking these in luggage, you will be able to track wherever your bag is.
Coffee: a wonderful and personal gift could be buying coffee from a place that your traveler loves. For example, one of my favorite places in the world is Door County, so ordering from a local roastery there like Door County Coffee Company is a great reminder of my travels.

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